An empty leg flights is the return journey of a booked one-way private charter flight.  In recent years Empty Legs are becoming increasingly popular due to the 75/80% discounts received on the original cost. Due to an aircraft needing to fly empty to reposition itself for its next customer or having to return to its original base. Meaning these fights would otherwise be returning home empty.

The two reasons behind empty leg flights

1: Repositioning empty leg: As an example if a customer chartered a private jet to fly from London to Nice but the jet is currently parked in Ibiza. Would mean that private jet needs to fly from Ibiza to London and would fly empty with no passengers.

2: Return empty leg: As an example a customer has booked a one-way private jet trip from London to Paris. That private jet would needs to return back to London and would fly back empty.

Empty leg flight can be found at any destination that a private jets goes to. Supreme Jets can help you find the best deals anywhere the world.!! Once purchased the price offered is for the entire jet so you can bring as many passengers that the seating arrangements allows.

What if I don’t see an empty leg flight to my required location!

Flying with an empty leg would require the customer to have a certain amount of flexibility for his travel schedules and choose destinations. Empty leg charters are generally obtainable anywhere in the world and fly to any other destination usually at short notice. But finding the right empty leg flight at the right time takes a bit of research. A private jet empty leg flight is often comparable to commercial airline prices. Check out our empty leg section to find out what available world now!!

How much does it cost to rent a private jet for an empty leg charter?

Empty leg flights are genuinely found at a discount of up to 75% off the cost of a normal private jet rental. The exact price of your empty leg flight will depend on the location you're travelling too and the operator. But many jet operators are often prepared to negotiate exceptionally low prices. Private Jet operators would rather offer you a discount on flights which would other wise be returning to its base empty. So operators would rather benefit from some revenue from a jet flying back empty, rather than a Jet flying back to base with no passengers. Empty leg flights are a great way to save money enabling you to fly anywhere in the world with all the benefits of normal private aviation but a reduced price.