How much does it cost to charter a private jet through Supreme Jets?

Supreme Jets have very lean overheads which means we can provide very good and competitive pricing to our clients. We work with the best operators in the aviation industry providing our clients with the best and safest service at the most competitive price. We also arrange and organize ground transportation 160 cities and 60 countries with the help of our partners. hotels, Luxury villas and and yachts can also be arranged through one of our many contacts around the world. Privacy discretion is always at the top out the agenda.

Light Jets

£7.5 - 9k
  • Light jets (such as a Citation Jet which seats 6 people) to fly from London to Nice and back (with an overnight stay) the price would be in the region of £7.5k - £9k.

Transatlantic Flights

£60 - 68k
  • Transatlantic flights require a heavyjet such as a Gulfstream IV (seating 14). A common request such as London to New York full price would cost to £60 – £68k. And the same from New York to London. (with an overnight stay) £120k – £130k

Midsize Jets

£13 - £16k
  • Midsize jets (such as a Citation XLS, which seats 8) to fly from London – Malaga (with an overnight stay) the price would be about £23 – 30k

Top of the range Gulfstream G60 / Express

£60 - 150k
  • For a Top of the range Gulfstream G60 / Express (seats up to 19) from London to Los Angeles would cost approximately £60k for a one way flight. For a return flight it would cost approximately 150k.

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